Friday, October 21, 2016

Summer Sewing

I was thinking about the name of my blog last night ' Sew Fantastic ' and realized i haven't posted anything very crafty, or shown what i've been sewing lately. 
So i thought i'd do a little recap of what i've been sewing over the summer.
I had a lot of fun trying out new patterns, and learned so many new sewing skills.
A lot of the patterns i tried i will be making again next summer!

So lets get started!

Bow Dress 
i loved this one!

 This one was a little maybe i should say a lot more time consuming and i probably wouldn't make any of these for my shop unless it was a special order. But i do love how it criss-cross ties in the back!

 This one was kind of a mashup of 2 different patterns, first time ive ever added ruffle sleeves without a pattern.

Oh, i love me some baby rompers! I couldn't get enough of making these and i can't wait to make more!

This one is the same as the one a couple pictures up with the criss-cross back,this was my first 'test' of sewing this pattern.

Shorts! Definate must next summer!

Oh my goodness these little summer sets,were so fun and quick to make and super cute! Sold a couple and will definetly be making more!

And what kind of summer would it be if i didn't make at least 1 puffy tulle skirt?
I mean come on....i can't resist.

 And to end the roundup of summer fashion i made some light knit rompers.

And that is where my love of sewing with knits began.

So there you got it the highlights of my summer sewing.
Stick around and i'll be doing a sneak peak of what im sewing for fall!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Fair and a little update.....

Hello you wonderful blog world out there!
It's been to long, and I'm going to try and change that!
A little current update on us......
Right now in our house Hailey and her Dad are currently recovering from tonsillectomies.
For adults the recovery process is a little longer and more painful, though Shawn's tonsils are feeling a lot better his tongue is the thing causing him the most pain, making it hard to talk. We read that, that is a common side affect and that it will feel better over time.
For kids, it's supposed to be a quicker recovery, we're on day 3 for Hailey and she seems to be doing pretty good and in pretty good spirits (at least today) but I'm guessing that all the jello,pudding, pancakes, otter pops,shaved ice, Popsicles, smoothies and mac and cheese....have had something to do with it, plus watching movies all day and no school? what could be better than that?.....haha
Well we'll see how she is in a couple days, they say it gets worse before it gets better.
As for me taking care of 2 people after times it's been overwhelming, but i keep reminding myself
' This to shall pass '
Anyways....Onto happier times before tonsils were being ripped out of throats...

We headed to the fair- The State Fair!
It was our first time going to the state fair, and we made sure to leave bright and early so we could beat the crowds.

See how deserted it looks behind these two cute kids?

Them baby pouty lips...i can't handle it lol

When we got there we purchased some tickets and went on the some rides before to many people came. Shawn and Hailey went on the Ferris wheel.
And then Hailey and i went on some faster rides after that.

After we had our fill of rides we headed to the kids section of the fair where they had lots of fun hands on activities and crafts for the kids.

Aubrey Loved the bean section!

Hailey milkin the cow ;)

Snack Break.

And a picture with the fair mascot- it was really funny  because while we were waiting off to the side Aubrey kept getting really close to ropes so she could wave to the mascot....rofl 

We ended up using the rest of our tickets on games and shawn won this big turtle!

We also walked around and looked at animals and  all sorts of crafty things that people entered.
We walked and walked until our feet could take No More!
But before we left we stopped and got a Dole Whip and it was delicious, but while in line we saw this stand for DEEP FRIED BUTTER
I was shocked! 
Do people really eat deep fried butter?
I have no words!

After treats we headed home, it was definitely a fun day at the fair!
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