Thursday, March 3, 2016


Hello and happy March!
I feel like the days and the weeks fly by, and i never have enough time to do anything!
So I thought id do a little different kind of blog post and share some of my current favorites with you,because right now i just have a lot of those.

First up
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste.
I was actually planning to use white strips but in the past my teeth have been pretty sensitive to those, so i thought id give this toothpaste a try first.
It says it starts working in 3 days....and that was the truth!
love it and love the price even more $3.96 
thank you walmart.

Next up the 
Urban Decay 24/7 concealer.
Now, I'm not one for buying super expensive makeup but my last concealer lasted me for years - so long that they don't even carry it anymore.
So i did my research browsed around a little and decided id try this one out and I LOVE it! It does an amazing job of covering up my scars,discoloration and any darkness under my eyes.
So even for the price of $18*shudder* for me it will be/IS worth EVERY penny!
Best concealer I've ever used and i know it will last me a long time too.
So if you feel like splurging on a concealer i Highly recommend Urban Decay

Another favorite right now is the
 Revlon volume+length mascara.
I love this one because it really works! I've used a lot of mascara throughout my life and this one for me is a keeper. Plus it doesn't go on clumpy and doesn't feel heavy on my eyelashes.

This is one of my new favorites that i got for my birthday!
It's been a couple years since Ive had a pair of Tom's the last pair i had i wore into the ground- literally there is no life left in my last pair, and since then I've been longing for a new pair.
Fast forward 2 years and i got these beauties my favorite pair of shoes!

The Shark Vacuum.
We've needed a new vacuum for a long time our last one was 7 years old!
So we got this one and it is amazing!
and moves like a dream!

Another favorite of mine lately is the
  'Santa Monica Street Taco' with cilantro lime dressing.
Try saying that 5 times fast!
Sounds like a lot of work, but it actually is a pretty easy meal, and is so delicious!

Last favorite is this little guy.
I'm loving my essential oil diffuser  and was really able to use it a lot when i got allergies!
It also changes all sorts of pretty colors.

So there you got it.
What have been some of your favorite things?

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