Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Petticoat Tutorial

It sure has been awhile since I posted a sewing tutorial.
I think it's time to break the dry spell.
Here is a really simple and quick tutorial.


This may seem strange but for some reason i have always wanted to get my daughter a petticoat to give some of her dresses a little more "pouf"
(you know all those sad limp ones in the closet?)

But if you know me buying one is usually out of the question if i can sew one!
I just wanted something quick and simple i could make and so i made this up.

 Here is the quick tutorial to make the Petticoat  pictured below.

First i took my daughter's measurement around her waist and then the length i wanted the petticoat to be,which is a little shorter than the dress she was going to wear.

Then i got some white fabric and some netting.


I cut my fabric twice the waist measurement by the the length 
(adding a couple inches for the waist and hem)
Which ended up being 40"x12"

Next i folded over the bottom hem once and then again and sewed it down to make my hem.

Then i measured my netting.
5 1/2" x the length of the netting

I sewed a long gathering stitch on the long end of the netting .
Then I gathered the netting to be the length of my white fabric

I pinned it down to the white fabric.
I let my netting hang just a little longer than the white fabric.
And then I sewed it down in place.

I trimmed a little of the extra netting after sewing.

For the top of the fabric i sewed a simple casing for the elastic.

Then threaded my elastic through the casing.
(Elastic was the measurement of my daughters waist)
Once i got the elastic all the way through i stitched down the ends of the elastic on both sides.

Last step was to fold the skirt right sides together and sew down the last side.
And there you have it!

Cute little petticoat.

Looks a little wacky right?

But just you wait.......
It will make this sad looking dress


I Love the fullness it gives the dress!

I know this petticoat will also come in handy for a costume I'm making for Hailey too!
More on that later!



  1. haha! A happy dress! That looks great. What happened to your wedding ring?

  2. Love the petticoat AND the dress! Nice job! Liz

  3. I can imagine so many dresses taking on a whole new look with one of these underneath. Can't wait to try this out!

  4. I love this! I remember wanting a petticoat as a little girl, but my mom never bought me one, so I'm definitely making this for my daughter to go under some circle skirts I have been wanting to make when I get the time. That dress is super cute too. I just found you through a linky party and will be following you from now one. I have a little girl who models for many of my projects too. You are welcome to visit at

  5. This is so cute! Would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...just posted it!

  6. Awww...that is perfect! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse Party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.

  7. Wonderful! I love it!

  8. We're big fans of the petticoat! Love it!

  9. Really cute! And the dress is adorable too--did you make that as well?
    --Sarah @ My Project Bag

  10. This is amazing! Its really adorabal <3 Great job! I found you though the blog hop :D Im following your blog now its lovely!

  11. Linking from Frugal Friday - but I follow you anyway. This is gorgeous, thanks for the clear instructions.

  12. All the better to twirl with! I think my niece would love one of these. She is princess obsessed, but what toddler isn't?

  13. It's perfect! Just what every girl loves, a fluffy dress. :) I've had fun checking out your blog! I would love to have you come share 'Your Great Idea' at my link party, hosted every weekend. I know my readers would love you!

  14. Very cute. It was a pretty dress before but now it really has some attitude! Great idea. Thanks so much for linking up at Etcetorize this week!

  15. So cute! Love that happy little dress.

  16. Oh my, what a pretty petticoat, so perfect, every little girl, including myself (ha) would want one. The dress is so gorgeous and love those poka dots, it turns into something special with the petticoat underneath. That dress has happy all over it, and you can feel it in your little ones hands gently touching the dress. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  17. Love the look it gives and the wall art it's hanging on too;) Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  18. That is super cute and I know my girls would love more poofy in their dresses. ;) I had to feature you today and hope you can check it out!

  19. Super cute! This makes me wish I had a little girl! 'd love for you to link up your project to Do Something Crafty Friday:

  20. Just found your blog through Pinterest and I'm SO happy! Love love love it!

  21. This is sooo adorable.. and it you're right.. it takes a sad flat dress and adds some pizzazz and poof! Great job!
    Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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  23. I have read the tutorial a couple of times and seem to be missing something - how long did you cut your netting? You just say "5.5" x length of netting," but I don't know how long your netting was. Thanks!

    1. I think it means 5.5" x width of netting?

    2. How was this ever figured out? I don't understand how to measure the netting either

  24. I just made one today following your tutorial - very easy. Thanks so much!

  25. What would be r commended for making it even fuller?

  26. hi dear,
    I want to ask you productive tulle larger than 6 in width???
    iam looking for tulle 300 inches (6-8 meters) wide of roll.
    I will use it for a transparent screen. But I want the width to be a one-piece no union.
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