Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Sew Bean Bags

I'm really excited to share this NO SEW project because i always seem to do sewing tutorials.
Its kind of nice to switch it up once and awhile.
So here are some super easy no sew 
are you ready?
I used:
dry beans (not pictured)
hot glue gun

First i cut 2 hearts out of the felt
I left my attached a little at the bottom but you don't have too.

Then i started gluing around the edge of the 2 hearts but left a small opening..............

To fill with beans, 
once i filled it 2/3 full of beans i glued the opening shut

I tried to enlist some help from Hailey to fill the the hearts with beans 
she did a couple, but she thought that making shapes out of the beans was WAY more fun!

So there you got it!

Once again i LOVE the simple projects that have possibilities...
you could do any shape or size you wanted.
I did hearts because it was close to valentines day.
In the end i found red poster at home and made this tic-tac-toe for the bean bags
(thank you pinterest for that idea!)

I'll mark this one as a success! 


  1. I love a no-sew project! Great idea for a valentine's day project!

  2. So cute and now you could make them in the shape of shamrocks or Easter eggs. :D Thanks for sharing.


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