Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer......So Far

This summer has been full!
Besides having a baby which threw us into a whole new routine, we've been trying to stay as busy as possible!
But gosh by golly that smile on her face truly describes how much she LOVES her little sister!
We've done SO much this summer and i don't have pictures for everything but here's a few.......

This Summer
It's been  MUCH hotter than it was last year, so when it comes to pool time, ummm yes,there's a lot of it!
 No complaints here!

This Summer
We've had our share of eating out - Red Robin for the win!
 This Summer
Shaved ice has been a must and lots of Popsicles!

This Summer
She lost 2 teeth!

This Summer
With all the heat we've had our share of indoor days and we've played a lot of games,
Scarabble Jr
Guess Who,
Chutes and Ladders
you name it we've probably played it!

 This Summer
There have been a lot of fashion shows!
I love them!

This Summer
She started swim lessons again - and picked up right where she left off, kind of like she never stopped!

This Summer
She went to Princess Camp!
 Princess Tea Party + meeting Ariel and Snow White!

This Summer
She told us she just Had to do soccer!
(loving that little pose!)

Soccer is her favorite!

This Summer
We've had fun with friends 
BBQ's - and I love bbq's!
and more Swimming of course!

This Summer
It wasn't always easy but we made it to some of the craft classes at Michaels

This Summer
We've had our fill of crafts at home and i know we're not done either!

She got on a really big bracelet making kick!

This Summer 
She started gymnastics!
And let's just say it's been a great way for her to use all that non-stop energy she has.
Well besides
bike rides
spray parks
birthday parties
That has been our Summer......So Far!

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