Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My little Hailey turned 9 last month!
(insert ugly cry) haha just kidding. 
I still wonder how in the world i have a 9 year old already?!
As per tradition we did a little birthday interview.

Favorite color: turquoise
Favorite toy: Sewing machine
Favortie fruit: pineapple
Favorite tv show:series of unfortunate events
Favorite thing to eat for lunch: spicy rice skillet
Favorite outfit: Whitel lace church dress
Favorite Game: clue
Favorite snack: sunnut butter and round crackers
Favorite animal: puppy 
Favorite song: Duck Tails theme songs
Favorite Book: Series of unfortunate events
Best Friend: Keeley
Favorite cereal:lucky charms
Favorite thing to do outside: swimming
Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
What do you take to bed at night: floppy
Favorite breakfast: Bacon
What do you want for dinner on your birthday?: spicy rice skillet
What do you want to be when you grow up: Librarian



  1. I love all the spicy rice skillet answers. Haha!

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